Our sensors target the most demanding imaging applications, and our R&D efforts are focused on developing the technologies that are continually advancing the state-of-the art in these high performance cameras.

No one makes sensors with lower read noise. Our sub-electron read noise sensors are pushing the limits of imaging in the lowest light conditions. Through a combination of advanced pixel engineering and innovative analog circuit design techniques, we are now in the realm of being able to detect single photons.

A patented dual-gain architecture leverages the ultra-low read noise to capture low light levels (high gain), while simultaneously capturing highlights (low gain) in a large full-well capacity pixel. The result is a market leading sensor native dynamic range. This native high dynamic range (HDR) starting point can be extended further with our patented Ultra Dynamic Range (UDR) technique. UDR can extend dynamic range up to 120 dB with a single exposure while mitigating artifacts due to motion and LED flicker.

Our sensors are architected to achieve lightning speeds concurrently with high resolution output. Amazingly, the high-speed and high resolution are accomplished without compromising the sensors low read noise and high dynamic range.

We offer sensors capable of detection across a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our market pioneering sCMOS sensors detect visible light with high quantum efficiency (QE), and these recently achieved significant increases in near-infrared QE. At even longer wavelengths we are a market leader in microbolometer detectors and associated thermal camera cores. We also have years of deep experience in developing and delivering X-ray sensors.

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