TWV640 Thermal Camera Core

TWV640 Thermal Camera Core

The TWV640 is the first commercially available uncooled thermal camera core to use 12µm pixels, enabling system integrators to reduce optic size by 50 percent and optic cost by 20 percent.

The TWV640 brings 12µm technology to military and commercial OEMs in a high-performance, affordable, thermal imagingmodule. Designed for systems engineers by systems engineers, the TWV640 reduces system cost and complexity by embedding value with enhanced features. These include display drivers, local image storage, and configurable image enhancement parameters that are accessible through the free MicroIR® graphical user interface and software development kit.

With its ability to capture video at 60Hz, the TWV640 can reveal details in dynamic scenes that competitors’ offerings miss. The added speed allows users to navigate complex environments and track fine movements without the disorientation that comes from using slower video.

Technical Specifications

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