The MST4323 is a high performance 4K resolution CMOS image sensor with 86dB dynamic range and extremely low noise.  The greater than 14 stop dynamic range ensures capturing every scene detail under demanding lighting conditions.  Outstanding low light performance is achieved through high sensitivity combined with extremely low noise.  The MST4323 delivers the performance demanded by today's imaging professionals for pro-video and cinema systems, machine vision, and industrial applications.

The 4/3" optical format MST4323 has a 4432 x 2368 pixel resolution which provides a 336 x 208 pixel overscan beyond DCI-4K (4096 x 2160) resolution.  The overscan can be utilized for digital image stabilization or increased field of view.  Incorporating a backside illuminated (BSI) process implementation enables the MST4323 to achieve high quantum efficiency (QE), and combined with low 1.0e- noise performance, results in outstanding low light sensitivity.  

Fairchild Imaging's proven dual gain amplifier architecture results in 16 bits per pixel to encompass the full dynamic range.  Low gain and high gain signal paths provide analog to digital conversions at multiple gain factors on a pixel by pixel basis.  This process optimizes both dynamic range and low light noise.  The 4.6µm pixel incorporates new design techniques combined with state of the art BSI processing to dramatically lower color crosstalk and boost MTF resulting in high color fidelity and sharpness. 

The sensor supports both conventional rolling shutter and global reset operating modes.  Global reset mode is prefect for machine vision applications with controlled lighting.  Read noise and dynamic range are optimized in either mode.

The MST4323 consumes only 1.8 watts at 120 fps, which is ideal for portable professional camera systems.  The sensor is housed in a CLGA package with high quality double-AR coverglass.

Technical Specifications

  • 10.5MP (4432 x 2368)
  • 4/3" Optical Format
  • 86dB Dynamic Range
  • 1.0 RMS Read Noise
  • Superior Low Light Performance
  • 4K @ 120 fps | 1080p @ 240 fps
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