The Fairchild Imaging LTN4625A is a lightning fast 12MP sCMOS image sensor in on APS-C optical format, supporting 240 frames per second at 12MP resolution.

The sensor is designed to support the demanding imaging needs of machine vision, high-end security/surveillance and scientific applications.  The device features an array of 5T pixels on a 5.5µm pitch with an active imaging area of 4608 (H) x 2592 (V) pixels.

The LTN4625A  sensor can operate in rolling shutter, global shutter, and global reset mode.  Under controlled lighting conditions where global reset is appropriate, it performs like global shutter while delivering performance benefits of  rolling shutter.  In this mode, the part will deliver <1.5e- read noise and >40,000e- full-well capacity at 240 fps.

Furthermore,  it has no motion distortion, which is a typical issue in rolling shutter mode.

Technical Specifications

  • Rolling Shutter (RS), Global Reset (GR), and Global Shutter (GS)
  • APS-C Optical Format
  • >88dB single frame Dynamic Range (RS/GR), >77dB (GS)
  • 1.5e- Extreme Low Noise
  • Superior Low Light Performance
  • 240 fps at 12MP, 600 fps at Full HD (RS/GR) I 120 fps at 12MP (GS)
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