Fairchild lmaging's new BSI sCMOS 3.0  sensors define the next horizon in professional imaging.

The BSI sCMOS 3.0 LTN4323 is a high performance sensor with market leading 0.7e- RMS read noise. Outstanding  low light performance is achieved  through  combining  extremely  low  noise  with  the  high quantum efficiency BSI process. The LTN4323 delivers the performance   demanded   by   today's   imaging   professionals   for scientific, machine vision, and industrial applications.

The LTN4323  has 4432 x 2368 pixel resolution  and employs  new BSI sCMOS  3.0 pixel engineering  to realize extremely low noise, enhance MTF, boost NIR-QE, and reduce dark current. The increased MTF is achieved through reduced pixel to pixel  cross-talk   that  dramatically   improves  sharpness.  Compared  to  typical  FSI  sensors,  an  innovative  BSI  process enhancement  delivers  a  broad  spectrum NIR-QE  with >2x sensitivity.  Dark  current  at 30C  is <2e/sec  enabling  compact camera designs without the need for TE cooling.

Fairchild lmaging's proven dual gain amplifier architecture results in 16 bits per pixel to encompass the full dynamic range. Low gain and high gain signal paths provide analog to digital conversions at multiple gain factors on a pixel by pixel basis. This process optimizes both dynamic range and low light noise.

This sensor supports conventional rolling shutter and global reset operating modes. Global reset mode is perfect for machine vision applications with controlled lighting.

The LTN4323  consumes only 1.8 watts at 120 fps, which is ideal for non-TE cooled applications.  However, the sensor is housed in a CLGA package which can accommodate a TE cooler for critical high performance applications.

Technical Specifications

  • 10.5MP (4432 x 2368)
  • 4/3" Optical Format
  • 0.7e- RMS Read Noise
  • 89dB Dynamic Range
  • Enhanced NIR QE Process
  • Extremely Low Dark Current
  • 120fps Frame Rate
  • High Pixel MTF
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