HWK1411 Camera Core and Module

HWK1411 Camera Core and Module

The HWK1411 Camera Core and Module incorporate our latest sCMOS 3.0 BSI technology into an integrated imaging system. The sensor’s 8.0 μm pixel powers an ultra low light capable system with market leading 0.5e- read noise. Combining the large pixel’s photon collection area, world class quantum efficiency, and exceptionally low read noise provides imaging capability down to 0.0001 Lux (overcast starlight). The HWK1411 Camera Core and Module deliver the mission critical performance required for day or night operations.

The HWK1411 Camera Core is a compact multichip module (MCM) designed to simplify camera integration. The MCM core integrates the HWK1411 image sensor, microprocessor, flash memory, power conditioning, and flexible interface cable for plug and play optimized imaging performance.

The HWK1411 Camera Module builds upon the camera core by incorporating a high performance f/1.4 glass lens optimized for low light imaging applications. The lens offers the optimal field of view for soldier worn and hand held systems.

The ultra low light capable HWK1411 Module and HWK1411 Core are available in both monochrome and color versions, and employ advanced pixel engineering to realize extremely low noise, boost QE, and reduce dark current. An innovative new BSI process enhancement delivers world class broad spectrum NIR-QE out to 1100nm to enhance nightglow sensitivity. Low dark current reduces dark signal noise, enhancing image quality under high temperature conditions. The module and core are designed and built to perform under extreme environmental conditions.

The ultra low noise dual gain amplifier architecture optimizes dynamic range and low light noise. Low gain and high gain signal paths are merged on-chip to 16 bits on a pixel by pixel basis. The low power HWK1411 Module and HWK1411 Core are ideal for mobile battery powered applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Compact Size, Low Mass
  • 1.6MP (1440 x 1100)
  • 1" optical format (14.5 mm)
  • 0.5e- RMS Read Noise
  • 80% QE with enhanced NIR
  • Extremely Low Dark Current
  • Low Power
  • 120fps Frame Rate
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