Our new BSI sCMOS 3.0 sensors define the next horizzon in professional imaging.

The HWK1411 incorporates Fairchild Imaging's new sCMOS 3.0 BSI technology into an 8.0 µm pixel, resulting in an ultra low light capable sensor with market leading 0.5e- RMS read noise.  Combining the large photon collection area, and exceptionally low read noise with high quantum efficiency BSI processing enables <0.0001 Lux (overcast starlight) imaging capapbility.  The HWK1411 delivers the performance required for operation from daylight through nighttime.  

The ultra low light capable HWK1411 is available in monochrome and color versions, and employs new BSI sCMOS
3.0 pixel engineering to realize extremely low noise, boost QE, and reduce dark current. An innovative BSI process
enhancement delivers a broad spectrum NIR-QE out to 1100nm to enhance nightglow sensitivity. Low dark current
enables lower dark signal noise and maintains high image quality under high temperature conditions.

Fairchild Imaging’s proven dual gain amplifier architecture results in 16 bits per pixel to encompass the full dynamic range.
Low gain and high gain signal paths provide analog to digital conversions at multiple gain factors that are merged onchip
on a pixel by pixel basis. The process optimizes both dynamic range and low light noise. The result is a high native
dynamic range that can be further extended utilizing the HWK1411’s multiple-exposure HDR operating modes. The low
power HWK1411 is ideal for mobile battery powered applications.

Technical Specifications

  • 1.6MP (1440 x 1100)
  • 8.0 µm pixel
  • 0.5e- RMS Read Noise
  • Enhanced NIR QE
  • Extremely Low Dark Current
  • Low Power
  • 120fps Frame Rate
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