Custom Sensors

Fairchild Imaging can take your sensor from concept to mass production. If your product requires the highest level of imaging performance from the image sensor, you have come to the right place.  Fairchild Imaging offers custom image sensor design that incorporates innovative technologies from our deep IP portfolio. 

Fairchild Imaging has been making image sensors for more than 50 years and has invested to advance the state-of-the-art in both pixel and sensor technology. We have co-optimized the pixel design and fabrication process to squeeze out every bit of sensor performance. For example, these efforts have resulted in pushing sensor noise to sub-electron levels, which can be made available for your camera designs.   

In addition to being able to leverage Fairchild Imaging’s portfolio, there is the benefit of our close working relationship with the world’s leading foundries. After your sensor emerges from the fab we will continue to work with you to get your product to production (e.g., characterization, production test development) and support manufacturing operations (e.g., supply chain management) once in mass production. Therefore, unlike traditional design houses, we will be your partner from product concept through your product’s end-of-life in the distant future.

Fairchild Imaging sensors and sensor technology are ideally suited to applications where low noise (i.e., low-light performance), high dynamic range, and high speed are valued.  If this sounds like your application let’s talk.

Leverage our IP to differentiate your product

  • Highly optimized pixels
  • High QE that extends to NIR wavelengths 
  • High full well capacity
  • Low noise readout circuits and ADCs
  • Sub-electron dark current in advanced process nodes
  • Sub-electron read noise
  • High intra-scene dynamic range (HDR)
  • Ultra dynamic range (UDR)
  • High-speed analog circuits with low-noise amplifiers
  • Uniform large format arrays
  • Rolling shutter, global shutter and global reset
  • Pixel architecture 
  • Long history of image sensor patents issued 


We provide a complete image sensor solution

  • Unique pixel designs and sizes
  • Frontside and backside illumination (FSI, BSI)
  • Any array size, having designed production sensors from VGA to 100Megapixel resolution
  • Device characterization to the EMVA1288 standards
  • Custom packaging
  • Device qualification, high reliability, and well established production manufacturing 
If you require additional information or have questions about our products, get in touch with us!