Fairchild Imaging offers a range of imaging devices which provide our customers with the performance and features for the most demanding camera applications. Our sensors enable imaging throughout the full spectrum from X-ray through visible wavelengths to near infrared (NIR) and infrared (IR), all with excellent quantum efficiency. Our image sensor portfolio is suitable for a variety of applications, which have in common the need for uncompromised image quality to enable highly differentiated high performance cameras.

sCMOS Sensors

Fairchild Imaging scientific CMOS sensors utilize a patented architecture to realize world class low-noise performance (i.e., low light) while maintaining high native dynamic range.  This is accomplished while simultaneously pushing the limits of resolution and frame rate.

Thermal Camera Cores

Fairchild Imaging is the market leader in thermal imaging sensors and was the first to market with smaller thermal pixels (12 micron) and HD resolution thermal sensors.

Medical/Dental X-ray

A pioneer in dental X-ray imaging, with hundreds of thousands of sensors supplied, Fairchild Imaging X-ray sensors can be found in more dental offices worldwide than any other sensor.

Custom Sensors

We can tailor a sensor solution to your requirements if our catalog products don’t meet your needs.

If you require additional information or have questions about our products, get in touch with us!