Fairchild Imaging Introduces sCMOS2.0: the next generation sCMOS at Photonics West, February 2014.

Posted on Fri, 02/14/2014

Large Format sCMOS2.0 Imagers to Deliver Image Quality without Compromise

San Francisco, February 4, 2014 — Fairchild Imaging, the premier supplier of high performance CMOS image sensors, today announced that it will be introducing the next generation sCMOS2.0 sensor technologies that significantly improve upon the already established world class image quality of sCMOS sensors.  sCMOS2.0 significantly improves QE and also enables efficient noise management that is critical for the Scientific market.

The first product that incorporates sCMOS2.0 technology is the SCI2020.  It is a large format, ultra-low noise CMOS image sensor intended for applications requiring high quality imaging under extremely challenging light conditions.  Utilizing a four transistor (4T), 6.5um pixel architecture, the SCI2020 delivers >80% quantum efficiency and a 25 times reduction in blinking, or higher than mean pixel read noise.  The sensor has two ADC channels per column enabling intra-scene high dynamic range of over 90dB and operates at 100fps at full sensor resolution.

 “We are very excited to introduce sCMOS2.0 technologies to the market,” stated Vern Klein, Director of Marketing for Fairchild Imaging.  “The SCI2020 significantly improves upon the current industry leading CIS2020.  This is our first chip based on sCMOS2.0 technologies that will improve light gathering capabilities as well as deliver advanced noise tail management technologies which are critical to the next generation of scientific cameras.  This sensor can output 4.2 megapixel frames at 100 frames per second and still deliver very low read noise and exceptional dynamic range.” 

sCMOS sensors utilize efficient light collection and sophisticated low noise circuits to deliver images in low light situations where other imagers cease to be useful.  High intra-scene dynamic range, without the need for multiple shots over time, is made possible by an innovative dual digitizer approach combined with deep full well capacity.   High frame rates, useful for monitoring dynamic events and performing inter-scene image processing, such as noise reduction and image stabilization, are generated by wide parallel processing and multiple high capacity ADCs.   

To learn more about SCI2020 please visit our booth at the Photonics West Show, February 4-6 at the Mascone Center in San Francisco.  Datasheets will be available upon request.

North Hall, Booth 4614 | Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

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