Fairchild Imaging CIS1021 sCMOS Sensor

Posted on Wed, 08/17/2011

Milpitas, CA, August 17, 2011— BAE Systems Imaging Solutions introduces the latest member of the new scientific CMOS (sCMOS) family which has received an immense response from the imaging market. This new sensor has 6.5 micron square pixels in a 1920x1080 format and is based on the same 5T pixel structure previously released in the Fairchild Imaging CIS2051 sensor. It is available in both a monochrome and a color (Bayer pattern) version.
The Fairchild Imaging CIS1021 is specifically designed for low light imaging applications that require an HD sensor format.  Along with its extremely low noise readout and excellent QE, this sensor provides greater than 88dB of intra-scenic dynamic range and produces images at rates up to 100 FPS at full resolution. This unprecedented combination of features makes the CIS1021 ideal for low light scientific imaging applications, fluorescence-based medical diagnostics as well as surveillance and aerial imaging applications.

These exciting new sCMOS sensors are now available for purchase from BAE Systems Imaging Solutions. A short form datasheet is available for download from www.fairchildimaging.com and long form datasheets are available for release under NDA. Contact your local salesman for pricing and delivery information.

About BAE Systems Imaging Solutions

BAE Systems Imaging Solutions is the designer and manufacturer of CCD and CMOS image sensors and cameras for aerospace, industrial, medical and scientific imaging. Located in Milpitas, CA, BAE Systems Imaging Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of BAE Systems Inc. Information about BAE Systems is available at http://www.baesystems.com and information about Fairchild Imaging brand products is available at http://www.fairchildimaging.com.

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