Chances are that you are already benefiting from a high performance camera featuring Fairchild Imaging without even knowing it. We’ve been designing sensors for many years and have shipped a lot of high performance sensors into a diversity of applications. Today that application space continues to grow as we continue to innovate to advance the state-of-the-art in image sensors.

We also offer various enabling technologies such as fiber optics, scintillators, and custom multispectral filters which are critical for custom imaging solutions.  Take a look at the application areas listed below for information on our products that are available for those applications.

If you need a custom image sensor, please contact the factory with your requirements and your product development timeline. We look forward to providing you with the imaging solution that you need to drive your business forward.

Life Sciences

The high sensitivity of our sensors applied to sequencing systems is aiding scientists in the study of complex genetic challenges. Were helping provide a window into the biological world to help develop a deeper understanding of health, disease, and food supply.

Professional Video

Fairchild Imaging sensors are fueling the digital revolution in professional broadcast and feature film cameras. Were providing demanding professionals the required image quality and more by advancing cameras from HD(2k) to Ultra HD(8k) resolution, beyond 15 stops of dynamic range, and to higher frame rates.  

Digital Photography

In the world of photography where tiny smart phone sensors fall short, larger format sensors can fill the void and provide the professional class image quality that a smart phone can’t.  Fairchild Imaging sensors with optical formats of APS, 4/3” and larger, and high QE naturally capture more photons of light; this, coupled with extreme low noise provides the performance the exacting professional photographer demands.


Fairchild Imaging’s breakthrough sCMOS sensors continue to be the pre-eminent sensors used for scientific instruments. The high fidelity of sCMOS provides high resolution and low noise at high frame rate without compromising full well capacity to achieve high dynamic range.

Medical / Dental

Fairchild intraoral and extraoral x-ray sensors are improving dental hygiene world wide. Dental and medical applications can leverage our knowledge in sensors, fiber optics, scintillators, custom packaging and high volume manufacturing of FDA approved products

Aerospace / Defense

Fairchild Imaging’s night vision and thermal sensing capabilities give the advantage to those defending our liberty, while discoveries from both space based exploration and ground based astronomy benefit from high sensitivity low-noise sensors.

Machine Vision

Sorting out defective products via assembly line inspection, industrial inspection systems benefit from our high dynamic range combined with high resolution and high frame rate.

Security / Surveillance

Security and Surveillance systems must operate in bright daylight as well as when the light levels get lower, as in early evening hours. Our sCMOS sensor technology addresses this problem by providing extremely high sensitivity to light in the visible and near infra-red regions of the spectrum, together with very low sensor noise.


In an effort to improve the safety of the driving experience, vehicle manufacturers are increasingly incorporating more vision systems. Fairchild Imaging low-light, high dynamic range, and thermal imaging sensors offer the ability to save more lives.

If you require additional information or have questions about our products, get in touch with us!