• MST4323 & LTN4323

    4/3” 10MP sCMOS 3.0 Sensors with BSI


    4k video at 120 fps for next generation professional cinema cameras

    Explore MST4323


    Market leading 0.7 electron read noise for scientific & industrial cameras

    Explore LTN4323

  • MST4625 & LTN4625 for Pro-Video & Industrial Cameras

    12MP APS-C format sensors at a lightning fast 240 fps

  • NEW HWK4123 for Surveillance & Defense

    9MP Ultra Low Light Sensor

  • HWK1411 Product Family

    Our New Ultra-Low-Light Level Night Vision Image Sensor Family 

  • Full HD Thermal Imaging with the Athena1920

    First commercially available full HD uncooled thermal camera core

  • Medical / Dental X-ray

    High resolution, high speed X-ray


Fairchild Imaging

Fairchild Imaging specializes in the design, development and manufacture of high performance image sensors. Inventors of the breakthrough scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology, we continue to push the limits of image sensor performance. At Fairchild Imaging we’re allowing you to see what others can’t.


Building on our strong tradition of innovation we continue to advance the state of the art in image sensor technology. 


Life Sciences
Professional Video
Digital Photography
Medical / Dental
Aerospace / Defense
Machine Vision
Security / Surveillance