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From the incredible pictures of outer space taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) to the digital images through a microscope, Fairchild Imaging sensors have been employed for virtually every high-performance imaging application.

Space based applications - We have a rich history of developing high performance custom imaging solutions for space imaging.  Our sensors have captured breathtaking imagery of the solar systems on board the HST, crashed into the comet Temple 1 for NASA’s Deep Impact Program, have provided stunning earth imagery from the KompSat-3 satellite and have explored Saturn on board the Cassini mission.  We also developed the imager for the Mars Pathfinder, also known as the IMP, which is a multi-spectral stereo imaging system which landed on Mars on July 4th 1997. The data returned from the IMP is helping scientists learn about the atmosphere, geology, and weather of Mars.  In addition to space exploration, our sensors are the key components on many ground based telescopes used in the field of astronomy. 

Aerial Reconnaissance Applications - From our founding days, we have been developing high performance custom imaging solutions for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance applications.  This continues to hold true today with many of our high resolution sensors/ cameras being flown on aerial platforms worldwide for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

Aerospace and Defense imaging products often require custom specifications. We endeavor to be very responsive to our customers' needs and many of our technology advancements have been directly attributed to customer requirements. Much of our experience is in the custom tailoring of imaging solutions for spectral response, unusual readout and unique packages for various environmental conditions.

Varied applications of multispectral filters, microlenslets, and fiber opticsadd to our extensive range of imaging products We are also very adept at the processes and design know-how necessary for manufacturing space-qualified imager sensors

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No matter your choice, a Fairchild Imaging focal plane array can be perfectly suited to your demanding Aerospace imaging application.