The TWV640 is the first commercially available uncooled thermal camera core to use 12 micron pixels, enabling system integrators to reduce optics sizes by 50% and decrease optics cost by 20%.
sCMOS 2.0
Fairchild Imaging proudly announces the launch of sCMOS 2.0, the next generation of ultra high performance sCMOS image sensors! Featuring super low light sensitivity, very low read noise, wide intra-scene dynamic range, and outstanding QE.
Fairchild Imaging CIS1910F sCMOS Sensor
The Fairchild Imaging CIS 1910F is a High Definition format sensor (1920x1080) ideal for applications that require extreme low light sensitivity, large dynamic range and speeds of 100FPS and above such as scientific imaging or security and surveillance imaging.
The Fairchild Imaging HWK1910A is a High Definition format sensor (1920x1080) ideal for high-end security and surveillance applications that require extreme low light sensitivity, and wide dynamic range. Exceptional Low-Light Performance ● 1 e- RMS readout noise at 60 fps Single Frame High Dynamic Range ● >88dB DR at 60 fps in WDR ● >120dB at 30 fps in UDR™

Fairchild Imaging Products

Fairchild Imaging by BAE Systems offers a complete line of performance sensors and specialty cameras.  Be sure to check out our Products Page to see the latest versions of our datasheets and please feel free to contact us to request any other information that you need as you explore our high performance imaging product lines.

HWK1910A - PEK

Partering with Helion Vision in Duisberg, Germany, Fairchild Imaging is proud to present our HWK1910A - PEK.  For more information, including pricing, please contact our sales department.  Click here for the full length video.

Latest News

Fairchild imaging is pleased to invite you to visit us at SPIE Defense+Commercial Sensing (DCS) in Anaheim, CA April 11 - 13, 2017  (Booth 472).  We will have live demonstrations of our LTN4625 lightning fast 12MP sCMOS image sensor as well as our 12 micron TWV640 thermal camera core and showcasing our 12 micron full HD (1920 x 1200) thermal sensor core, first in the world!  Come see for yourself.  To schedule a meeting with us at the show, please send an email to



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